Our Team

Brian Winkelman

President and CEO

Brian leads Systim Technology Partners with over 12 years of diversified IT systems engineering experience in private business, public company, and international environments. Prior to founding Systim, as an entrepreneur, he served for 6 years as a Systems Engineer at the University of California, San Diego. A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Professional, Brian holds a degree in economics from Harding University.

Jeff Hammett

Systems Administrator

Jeff brings over six years of IT experience to his role at Systim Technology Partners. Before joining the company, Jeff held the position of Programmer Analyst at the University of California, San Diego, where he also graduated with a degree in philosophy. Jeff is a bit of a globetrotter, but thanks to technology his job follows him wherever he may roam. Jeff has returned to California and is in the San Diego office.

Brandon Closson

Systems Administrator

Recently joining the team at Systim, Brandon spent several years in the Pacific Northwest after graduating from Washington State with a degree in Zoology. He wisely determined that clicking a mouse was far better than working in a real zoo. He worked his way up in the corporate environment, learning all the right clicks, in a small IT shop for a multi-site mid-sized employer.

Dan Lareau

Web Designer

Dan is our graphic artist and web designer. Every company needs at least one guy with a Mac to give media applications a boost.

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