Cyber Security

Protect your company from a costly or embarrassing data breach by implementing a multi-layered IT Security Strategy managed by cyber security professionals.

Most organizations are mounting a minimal defense that simply is not effective against the ever changing threat environment. Firewalls and anti-virus will not protect an organization from an attack. If you don't think you are under attack, think again. Have a look at your firewall logs to see in real-time the global, automated attacks happening around the clock.

Prevention + Detection = A Complete Security Plan

You don't want a call from law enforcement be the first indication that there is a problem. Preventative measures alone do not suffice. Hoping you will keep the bad guys out with a good defense is a false notion in today's complex security environment. If your security strategy does not anticipate a compromise of some kind, when it occurs it will be all the more costly. An effective cyber security plan accounts for a compromise and has safeguards and systems in place to contain it.

Regulation and compliance also makes a breach more costly. A notification event triggered by a breach can have serious financial consequences.


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